All you need to work on the go

Enjoy a consistent experience from your computer, tablet or phone. Draft a proposal in Docs at the office, review it on the train, then make final edits from your phone right before the meeting. Get more out of your workday.

Controls for securing your devices and data

Manage mobile devices, email addresses, security settings and more from the Google Admin console. Keep all your company data safe, centralized and protected from disruptions such as missing hardware or employee turnover. Your business, your rules.

More productive meetings

Schedule events in Calendar at times that work for everyone. Get meeting reminders directly to your Gmail inbox. With one-click, join a video meeting through Hangouts and share your Slides to review as a team. Less prep, fewer next steps.

Teamwork that works

Create a budget tracker in Sheets, share it with teammates and edit it in real-time. It’s automatically stored in Drive so everyone always has the latest version. No more sending attachments to get on the same page.

A solution built for teachers and students

It doesn't matter how big your school or your budget is.
Google provides easy tools to engage students anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Impact Portraits

Explore findings from a 16-month investigation by Evergreen Education Group highlighting success with Chromebooks and G Suite through the lens of teachers, students and administrators.

Connect with other educators

We recognize that the best advice comes from educators like you. Tap into our community of amazing teachers who are ready to help you go Google.

Forrester Research

Google Cloud is named the Insight PaaS Leader by Forrester.


Cloud Video Intelligence

Understand the content of a video in an easy to use REST API.


Security Webinar

Join live on September 20 to learn how effective cloud security reduces risk and increases control.


Why Google Cloud Platform?

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. We’ve built our cloud for the long haul.

Seriously Powerful Data & Analytics

Tap into big data to find answers faster and build better products.

Serverless, Just Code

Grow from prototype to production to planet-scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance.

Everything You Need To Build And Scale


From virtual machines with proven price/performance advantages to a fully managed app development platform.

Compute Engine

App Engine

Container Engine

Container Registry

Cloud Functions

Storage and Databases

Scalable, resilient, high performance object storage and databases for your applications.

Cloud Storage

Cloud SQL

Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Spanner

Cloud Datastore

Persistent Disk


State-of-the-art software-defined networking products on Google’s private fiber network.

Cloud Virtual Network

Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud CDN

Cloud Interconnect

Cloud DNS

Network Service Tiers

Big Data

Fully managed data warehousing, batch and stream processing, data exploration, Hadoop/Spark, and reliable messaging.


Cloud Dataflow

Cloud Dataproc

Cloud Datalab

Cloud Functions

Cloud Dataprep

Cloud Pub/Sub


Internet of Things

Scalable, resilient, high performance object storage and databases for your applications.

Cloud IoT Core

Machine Learning

State-of-the-art software-defined networking products on Google’s private fiber network.

Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Cloud Jobs API

Cloud Natural Language API

Cloud Speech API

Cloud Translation API

Cloud Vision API

Cloud Video Intelligence API

Management Tools

Monitoring, logging, and diagnostics and more, all in an easy to use web management console or mobile app.

Stackdriver Overview



Error Reporting



Cloud Deployment Manager

Cloud Console

Cloud Shell

Cloud Mobile App

Cloud Billing API

Developer Tools

Develop and deploy your applications using our command-line interface and other developer tools.

Cloud SDK

Container Registry

Container Builder

Cloud Source Repositories

Cloud Endpoints

Cloud Tools for Android Studio

Cloud Tools for IntelliJ

Cloud Tools for Eclipse

Cloud Test Lab

Identity & Security

State-of-the-art software-defined networking products on Google’s private fiber network.

Cloud IAM

Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy

Cloud Data Loss Prevention API

Security Key Enforcement

Cloud Key Management Service

Cloud Resource Manager

Cloud Security Scanner

Cloud Platform Security Overview


"Using Google Cloud Platform, the campaign runs smoothly 24/7 and includes redundancy,
failover techniques, backups and state-of-the-art monitoring. Plus, it’s affordable."
"Not having to manage our own infrastructure frees up our teams to do what they’re
really good at -- making music special for everyone."
"Without Google Cloud Platform, we would never have been able to launch so fast. That
head start was invaluable."
"Snapchat handles sensitive user data and entrusts Google Cloud Platform with its
"The ease, integration and scalability that Google offers with Cloud Platform allow us
to offer the best online grocery shopping around."
"By using Google Cloud Platform, in two weeks we were able to develop a functional
system ready for integration test."

Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration happens when ideas come together and it can happen in boardrooms, conference halls, classrooms, video studios or anywhere. We bring together the best-in-class infrastructure and technology for your ideas to take shape with the right audio, video and digital whiteboard solutions.

Data Center Built & Maintain Virtualization

Design, Configure, Build & Integrate are the four key points we keep in mind before executing a solution. Handling data in the best manner means, less burden on business finances, as additional storage comes with additional cost. We design Data Center solutions to match your context.
● Data Protection
● Backup & High Availability
● Disaster Recovery
● Power & Cooling
● Networking & Communication
● Network Management & Automation
● Intelligent Structured cabling Solution
● Routing / Switching / Wireless Services

Surveillance & Access Control solutions

Stay at ease and secured with our surveillance and security solutions.
● Network Security
● Endpoint Security
● Command Centre
● Asset Management
● Access & Identity Management

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