These are new age computing devices (for Enterprises and Education). No need to install or invest into buying Anti Virus, new OS every 3-4 years, no patch management etc. These devices are affordable, durable and almost all of your work gets done at 1/10th of your cost. Some Key features:
● Boots up within 8 seconds
● Light weight & Low cost
● Centrally Managed Policies
● No Anti-Virus / patch management required
● 10+ hours of battery life


Whether your requirement is of a Portable computing device or a digital signage or if you want to convert any room to meeting rooms, Chromebox can help you with your desired goals. Powered with the same Chrome OS and central management these devices are a must haves in your office space. Some key features:
● Portability
● Manageability
● Ease of use
● Less time to setup
● Manage 10’s / 1000’s/ 10,000’s devices with ease


It is the perfect device for the education & enterprise sector. Let the kids learn to compute on a friendly app based monitor or do their homework on their own account and an employee has his seamless desktop on his desk as one console for all his application. You’ve got everything you need in one convenient device with this all-in-one design that comes with a keyboard, speaker, mouse, monitor etc.
● All in one desktop
● Easy to deploy kiosks
● Perfect for desktop computing
● Boots up in seconds compared to other desktops
● Space efficient design on a desktop

Digital Signage

Ever wondered how you could centrally push Digital contents with few clicks sitting in Dubai to a display unit located in Saudi or across the globe? Chromebox for Digital Signage helps you in doing just that. Manage and push signages across to any number of display units you own whether it’s in your office or at any-other location in real-time.
● Low cost
● Ease of Manageability
● Push contents with a click of a button
● Build custom signs for display

KSA Office:
Phone: +966 12 256 2544
UAE Office:
Phone: +971 55 380 5362
Lebanon Office:
Phone: +961 78 909 073